About Me

About Me

Hi I’m Kevin, an SEO specialist with many years of experience in On Page and Technical SEO. In addition, Kevin is a skilled WordPress developer that can assist organizations in the online space.

We work alongside you for guaranteed results.

My name is Kevin Dave Pitogo, and I work with businesses to increase their online revenue as a website developer and SEO specialist.

My three years of expertise in creating and implementing SEO strategies have benefited small and medium-sized businesses by increasing their lead generation, organic traffic, conversion rate optimization, and return on marketing expenses.


Three years ago, I began my journey in digital marketing, specializing in SEO (search engine optimization), local business, and customized site development services. I got to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the most effective inbound marketing way, as soon as I understood how much demand there was for marketing services. I turned my attention to SEO and inbound marketing after a few fruitful initiatives, and since then, I have ranked more than thirty websites. During the process, I gained knowledge, training, and certification as an SEO specialist and website developer from two digital marketing schools in the Philippines. I also assisted clients with content marketing, social media, and website reputation management.

Why Cooperate With Me? I’m the person you should hire if you need data-driven, performance-based SEO specialist to work remotely or join your team. Having worked with digital marketing strategies before, can support your project all the way from planning to implementation.

My background includes:

  • SEO tactics
  • Marketing on social media
  • Management website reputation
  • E-commerce marketing 
  • Local businesses 
  • Web design and development 
You are proof that my tactics are effective and can benefit your company as well—the fact that you are reading this. Allow me to collaborate with your team in order to achieve your goal of increasing sales and revenue for your company.
A Filipino SEO specialist optimizing website content

SEO Specialist Freelancer Philippines

SEO covers a lot of ground and includes everything that changes how well a website does in a search engine.

The general steps I take for SEO on websites are shown below.

Website Audit

This is where I learn about your website and how it looks right now. I figure out what the problems are and make suggestions for how to fix them.

Keyword Research

Here’s where I figure out which keywords are best for your website and guess how many visitors we might get if we can rank #1 in search engines for those keywords.

Competitive Analysis

This is where I look at your rivals to see who they are, what they’re doing with SEO, and where we can help them beat them.

On-page SEO

Right now I’m going to do SEO on your site. Metadata, text, images, video, and optimization are all affected.

Off-page SEO

Here’s where I boost the influence of your website by getting backlinks and mentions from other, more relevant websites.

Reporting Data and analysis

To understand what we’re doing and see how things are going, we can use real numbers from tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, and others to track our progress.
We can do the cycle all over again to keep moving up in the rankings after we’ve looked at everything and found more things we can do.